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From a weekend to a week, purchase our GPS routes and never worry about where to eat, where to get fuel, and most importantly, how to get the most curves-per mile - guaranteed! Our routes are made for vehicles that favor the curves -That means motorcycles of all types as well as sporty cars.

2-3 Day Routes

The Triple Pass

The perfect two-day getaway: Want to traverse three 8200 foot [2500m] and above Sierra Passes with remote lakes and some of the best views in the state?

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Discover Plumas County

Nestled inside a national forest, most of this stretch of the Northern Sierras has yet to be discovered by the city living populations. Centered around the town of Quincy, CA, this route takes you to small towns and lakes with elevations around 4000 feet [1200m]. This means that the roads are open for most of the year.

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Reservoir Run

Is your favorite place "the middle of nowhere?" The US Government along with local electricity companies have built some of the most beautiful reservoirs in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Best of all, they also build world-class roads to lead you there! This route will take you to half a dozen different bodies of water, including two which share a unique connection - water is pumped uphill at night to provide additional power during the day!

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4-7 Day Routes

The Redwood Adventure

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Coast to Mountain

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What can I expect when I receive the GPS download file?

You will receive a .GPX file which you can upload to any GPS device that supports tracks. This track will overlay on the map of your GPS showing you the route. It also includes waypoints for recommended restaurants, fuel stops, points of historical interest, beautiful vistas, and more!

What does it cost?

The cost depends on the length of the route. Most two-three day routes start at $30. Incremental updates are provided at no charge.

Can I share the routes with my friends?

When purchasing a route you agree to a license that allows it to be installed to a GPS owned by the purchaser. While there is no "digital rights management," we ask that you respect the time and effort put into creating the route. Of course, traveling these routes is more fun with more people, so you are welcome to lead a private drive or ride with the route!

What is the difference between a route and a track?

In general terms, I refer to my GPS files as routes; however, they are actually tracks. As Garmin and other GPS manufacturers refer to them, a route is typically a file which contains a list of "turns" while a track is a file which contains a list of "breadcrumbs." Using a route means that the GPS may choose different routing based on the map set and navigation options. Therefore it is important that you follow a track so that a specific map version is not necessary.

Do I have to have GPS to follow the route? How about a mobile phone?

While it may seem silly to purchase a separate GPS in 2014 when your mobile phone has superior hardware, dedicated units have significant advantages. First, all maps are local to the device so you are not dependent on cellular connectivity (most of our routes will take you places without coverage). Second, GPSs often come with separate mounts and power adapters so you don't have to worry about running down the battery of your phone.

Garmin has several lines of GPSs that support tracks - Zumo, Montana, Oregon, and a few Nuvi models. Check the specifications before purchasing. If you do want to use your mobile phone, MotionX for iPhone can follow tracks.

You will receive a paper description of the route along with the purchase, so it is possible to follow without a GPS or phone of any kind; however, points of interest, road condition warnings, etc will only appear in the digital GPS route file. has not yet launched. Type in your email to be notified when we're ready!